Learn How to Play Progressive Baccarat the Smart Way

Who wouldn’t want to play progressive Baccarat? This super simple game is the first choice to most beginners. But where can we play Progressive Baccarat? When is the best time to play this game? Also, what are the best tricks to win? Get to learn how to play Progressive Baccarat the smart way below.

Learn How to Play Progressive Baccarat the Smart Way

Learn How to Play Progressive Baccarat the Smart Way
Learn How to Play Progressive Baccarat the Smart Way

How to Play Progressive Baccarat

Progressive Baccarat at Casinoonlineqq808 Top Casino Live Gaming Website in Malaysia is not actually different than normal Baccarat. The rules are initially the same, but the jackpot rules are a bit different. In normal Baccarat, bettors can win the jackpot as long as they keep on winning the bets. However, Progressive Baccarat offers a side bet in which bettors can invest and will keep on increasing until someone win it.

In conclusion, bettors can play Progressive Baccarat with normal Baccarat rules. However, to win the side bet, they must score it in order to move the side bet to the pot. What’s left is collecting and Ace and eight from the same suit in both bettor’s and dealer’s hand.

Play Progressive Baccarat the Smart Way

Progressive Baccarat may be as easy as normal Baccarat to play, but how can we win it easily? Play the smart way by choosing the smartest decision, which is betting the banker’s hand. Banker’s hand have winning probability as high as 45.86%, followed by player hand (44.62%) and tie (9.52%).

Based on that statistics alone, choosing banker’s hand will bring the most advantages to bettors. In case the hand loses, bettors can easily swap to player’s hand and go back to banker’s hand when it loses. Just make sure to raise the betting money as the bet ensues, and the progressive jackpot will fall to your hands.

But what about betting on tie bet? Tie bet may have the biggest payout. However, it’s the worst choice possible. By statistics alone, tie bet is much harder to win than the other two option. In addition to that, bettors will have to pay as big as the payout if they lose. Unless bettors had tracked what cards have appeared and sure the result would be tie bet, it’s much safer to avoid betting on tie altogether.

Where to Play with Real Money

Bettors can play Progressive Baccarat and win money as long as they play at a Casinoqq801 Best Live Malaysia Casino Site & Online Betting Games. It can be an online site or offline dealers. As long as the place has a good reputation, they are safe to play with.

Best Time to Play with Best Profit

Bettors can play as long as the betting services open. If playing offline, just wait for the place to open. However, bettors can play anytime in 24 hours when using online sites. For the matter of winning the progressive jackpot, the best time to start the side bet would be when bettor consecutively winning their bets.

Are you still clueless to learn how to play Progressive Baccarat the smart way? Hopefully not, because you now know the place, the time, and the tricks to play this easy game by reading this article. So, don’t wait and use all of your knowledge to play Progressive Baccarat today!

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