Make Your Dream Come True with Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games whether you are playing in a land based casino or online casino sites like The most trusted live casino website in Malaysia which has stayed for hundreds of years. Its simple rules make it very interesting to learn. Nowadays, online blackjacks has emerged and they are here to stay! Don’t you wish to Make Your Dream Come True with Blackjack?

Make Your Dream Come True with Blackjack

If you have not understood and memorized the rules and strategy of blackjack, there is no point of playing. You will surely lose to the dealer. Make some time to learn them, it will give you many benefits. For beginners, blackjack is a game in which you must beat the dealer. That is the main objective! In order to win, your hand must get as close as 21 without exceeding the number. Exceeding 21 is called “bust” and you will lose instantly.

Therefore, it is vital to understand the cards’ value. The most powerful weapon in Blackjack is the Ace; its value can be one or 11 depending on your preference. The value of tens and all face cards are ten while the rest of the cards possess their respective values. Before the dealer deals the cards, the player must place his or her bet. Next, the dealer deals two cards for every hand including his own. You must note that in classic blackjack, players get the first turn. After that, each player and the dealer take turns to make a decision whether he or she wants to hit or hold.

The term natural blackjack means that the values of a player’s two hole cards sum up to exactly 21. It is possible if you get an Ace and a ten or face card. The natural blackjack’s payout is higher than if you get 21 by having three or more cards because it is not considered as blackjack.

The dealer holds if he reaches 17 or more and continues to hit until he reaches 17. You are offered a chance to purchase insurance if the dealer’s face card is either an Ace, face or ten. You can split your hole cards if they are a pair. Furthermore, you may also double down, meaning doubling your bet.

Should You Play Free Blackjack?

Of course! Before you decide to play online blackjack for real money, it’s better for you to find some free blackjack games. These game will give you plenty of practices, sharpening your skill and making you ready to wager your cash.

Online Blackjack Tournaments

Besides making money from usual real money blackjack games, you can also participate in online blackjack tournaments. There are various kinds of tournaments, such as sit and go, scheduled buy-in, and freeroll. Choose the one suits you most.

In blackjack tournaments, you must compete against other players. You still play against the dealer, but your objective is to collect the highest amount of chips among other gamblers. The prizes usually are taken from the entry fees, thus the more the participants, the bigger the prizes. Some low-cost sit and go events offer small prizes, but the bigger ones can give you thousands of dollar.

You can definitely make your dream come true with blackjack. Winning huge prizes by playing real money online blackjacks or taking part in online blackjack tournaments is very easy. Make sure you know the rule and master the strategy though!

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