Predictions on English Premier League this weekend

English Premier League 2015/2016 has been finished. Predictions on English Premier League this weekend. Now, people wait for the English Premier 2016/2017. Even, there are many people that have made the prediction of the Premier League 2016/2017. How will the league be held? The league held starting from 13 August 2016 until May 2018. But, some prediction of the premier league has existed. There are some football clubs considered becoming the winner at The Biggest Online Sports Betting Site In Malaysia.

Weekend predictions on English Premier League at casino Malaysia

In this chance, I will talk about the analysis about 5 clubs that have the great chance of getting the winning in English Premier League 2016/2017.

Some clubs that can be predicted becoming the winner in English League 2016/2017

Manchester City Club

The first one is the Manchester city club. This club is from Manchester with the blue uniform. It will be predicted as becoming the winner in this season. This is because there is the new great coach. He is Pep Guardiola. He is a genius coach.

Chelsea club

Then, the second favorite is a football team from London. It is called as the blues. Although in the last season this club is bad because this club almost touches in the degradation classification, in this season this club will be better. This club will concentrate in just one league, the English premier league.


The next one is Arsenal. This club becomes the third favorite. It is from Arsenal. In the last season, this club could make surprise because this club is successful becoming the runner-up under the Leicester City. Now, they come back and predicted will make the next surprise again in this season of the English Premier League.

Predictions on English Premier League this weekend
Predictions on English Premier League this weekend

Liverpool club

Then, there is the Liverpool club. This club is mentioned in the last season was same with the other previous seasons. But, in this season, this club has been prepared in making the surprise becoming the UEFA club finalist. Another factor that makes they becoming the great club is they have the best coach. He is the experienced coach from German. His name is Jurgen Klopp. He is considered as the person that can bring the Liverpool has the great presentation.

The Manchester United Club

The last one is Manchester club. This club has the great chance of winning the league so will get the best trophy. This club has the strong performance.

Those are some clubs that are predicted becoming the winner of English Premier League. The analysis is so interesting, right? Do you have another prediction about it? If you have it, you can make a bet for playing the football gambling game. You will get much money if you are able to make the right prediction.

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Well, this is about the information about the prediction on English Premier League. Hopefully, you can get the best information so playing the football game can be easier. You must want to get much money, right?

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