Slot Betting Games – All Myths Debunked

One of the most played games at the casinos is the Slot Betting Games. This game allows the player to earn more and more while investing a small amount of money. Different people have different notion while playing this game. They form their own set of assumptions and notions that they keep in the back of their minds while playing this game. We are here to bust the most common Slot Betting Games – All Myths Debunked, that the player have about this game.

Slot Betting Games – All Myths Debunked

  1. Payout is less when you use player’s card

One of the most common myths is that when you use your player card t play the slot betting game even in online websites like Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website, the casino will reduce the amount of payout you actually earn. This is completely untrue because the payout of the slot betting game itself is low than any other game provided by the casino. The amount spent on the payout is very less as compared to the amount earned by loyalty card. This gives casino no motivation to payout less on this game. Also, it is illegal to indulge in such practices and no reputed casino would do so.

  1. Time is a judging factor in determining comps

Some people believe that the more time they spend on a slot machine, the more they are likely to win comps. This system of thinking is not true at all. Some players tend to play very slowly in order to increase their chances to win. The machine works on a theoretical basis and no amount of time invested in the slot machine would ensure you to win the points. The player cards that are used can exactly measure the amount the player has invested in the game and the returns would come on that basis only and not on any other assumption about time that the player might follow.

  1. Slots players can make profits over the long term in some situations

Some players believe that if they play on the slots that pay high, they will make more profits as those machines are very generous when it comes to paying out. But this assumption does not work in real life. The slot machines work on very accurate and high precision mathematical algorithms through which the payouts are calculated. It is better for a player to play in the slot he is comfortable with and in which he can spend rather than going for a high paying slot where he cannot afford to spend.

  1. Theoretical wins are fair

Players believe that the person investing more money should win more because of his worthy establishments but in reality, this is not how the casino works. If you are lucky and playing on the better slot machines, your chances to win are increased and this might seem unfair but theoretical wins are also unfair as the limit the players to the amount they are investing and not on how well they are betting on their propositions. Betting is all about luck and smartness and lets it be this way only.


Every game involves some set of myths and preconceived notions which restrict a player. You need to be well aware of the game and how it works when you are betting you hard cash. The article helps to give you a slightly clearer view on how the casino works and how slot betting machine works.

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