Tricks casinos apply on customers

Many of people don’t wear watches. Casinos are aware of this fact and they don’t want to assist the customers on their punctuality. It is always a fact that whenever a person is engaged, time will always run faster than expected. There are no clocks on the walls of the casinos, and this make sure that when you are playing a game which depends on time, you will find out the time has elapsed without you finishing the game. Also through this you can play until it is too late.

Tricks casinos apply on customers

Tricks casinos apply on customers
Tricks casinos apply on customers

No windows

Most of the casinos have windows just at the entrance and exit. But once the players enter the casino room they are unable to see each other. The tactic achieved by this strategy is that once you get in, they don’t want you to be aware of anything that is going outside the world, or even observing your watch if it happens that you have it. Apart from this they don’t want the gamblers to see anything that might be interested going outside.

Lights, Sounds and Activity

Most casino have bells ringing, siren-like lights flashing, change clanging among others which captivate the game. There is a communication in the room which is always a non-verbal indicating Win! Win! Win! This make the gamblers to be encouraged to bet more bets but in really sense those losing are more than those winning in the room.


Lighting in casino rooms always is low and mellow. This property will make the room to be homey, friendly feel and thus the players might even feel like they are sitting in the couch in their own living rooms. In so doing they make sure that once you get in you will have stay for a long period because of the comfortable of the room. And in the process you bet a lot of money of which you loss most of them

Location of the services

This is also a trick which is used by casino owners. Within the room there are certain rooms like restroom if you want to use such of the rooms you are required to buy something to eat as you are resting. The users must burrow deeper into the bowels of the casinos so as to get something to eat while resting.

Near Wins

When next to winning, your adrenaline will be pumping and when you realize that you almost took money from casino. The games are made in way that payments given to the players are small in short term but at long term they make sure they benefit a lot from the gamblers.


Comp is another trick imposed on gamblers to make sure that they bet with their companies. Players will always receive meals for free. This will make them to come back for gambling and also feel they are important even if they are low rollers. Even if they will keep on losing their bets, they will just be attracted to come back again and again.


This also can be discussed under the freebies but it is good to be separate. Alcohol offered for free at the casino is trick which works against the advantage of the players. Alcohol will always make the smart gambler to become sloppy and thus make wrong judgment on gambling.

Keeping the Big Winners

Gambling sites will always to keep the big winner at the casinos. This will make sure that what they have is highly spend at the casinos. The casino may lose money in giving out rooms for free but by keeping a person who has won a big prize will be of benefit to the company as most of the money will remain there after spending.

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