Two-up table casino game

This a traditional Australian betting game which involve a designated spinner which always throw two coins or pennies in the air. Players gambling using this type gambling are supposed to make prediction whether the two coins will fall on the ground with heads facing up, or tails facing up or one head up and the tail down. The game was traditionally played on Anzac Day in pubs and clubs that are found in Australia in connection of sharing experience with diggers via the ages.

Two-up table casino game

Two-up table casino game

The game is always played with pennies. The weight, size and surface of the pennies make it suitable for the game.  The weight and size of the penny make it stable and not difficult when spinning.

History of the game

The game is believed to have been originated from pitch and toss which is a gambling game that involves tossing coin into the atmosphere and the prize is rewarded basing on the result. The game was popular among the poor people who were English and Irish in the 18th century.

During the First World War the game was played Australian soldiers. The game started to be played on Anzac Day as to pay tribute to the soldiers who came back after the war. In the 1950s the game started to decline as more sophisticated forms of gambling game types such as baccarat gain popularity in the house of illegal gambling gaming.

There was later an introduction of legal two-up which was played at new casino in Hobart in 1973; currently the game is being played in Perth’s Burswood Entertainment Complex and Melbourne Crown Casino. The game was also legalized to be played on Anzac Day in Australia.

Terminologies used in the game

Spinner; this is the guy who throws the coins or pennies up into the air.

Boxer; this is the person who controls the game and the gambling. The person does not have permission to participate in the game.

Ring keeper. This is the person who looks after the coins after each loss bet.

Kip; this is a piece of wood in which the coins are placed before they are tossed up.

Heads; this is a number of heads of the coins which are facing up after the play.

 Tails; this is a number of tails of the coins facing up after the game.

Odding out; this is where 5 spin in a row are odds.

Odds or One Them; this is where the one coin falls with head facing up and the other coin with tail facing up. The probability of this is 50%.

Come in spinner; this is the call which is given by the boxer when all bets have placed and the coins are ready to be tossed up.

Cockatoo; this was only used in the game between 1800s and 1930s. this was due to the legalization of two-up on Anzac Day.

Game play

The spinner greeted to calls for ‘’come in spinner’’. The spinner will have to throw the coins up regularly using kip until the players either win or lose the bet.

There are three basic principles deployed in playing this game;

  • If two heads face up it means that the spinner wins.
  • Two tails facing up means the spinner loses.
  • Odds will mean that the spinner will have to throw again.

Variations of the game

The variations of this game revolve around the meaning of ‘’win’’ and ‘’lose’’.

  • The spinner in this game will only be declared to be winner after there are successive heads.
  • If the spinner happens to throw odds which are successive then they lose.

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