Understand the Half Point Value in Sports Betting

Making money is the best thing when it comes to sports betting, especially if we know and understand the half point value in sports betting. Picking up the winners of the competition is the simplest form of sports betting. Bet money on someone and luckily if they win, you win. This is sports betting in simple. Sports Betting can be done in most popular games like Baseball, Football, Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, etc. Mainly why most players involve themselves in sports betting is because of entertainment.

Understand the Half Point Value in Sports Betting

Understand the Half Point Value in Sports Betting
Understand the Half Point Value in Sports Betting

Purchasing of Half points plays a vital role in the majority of the online sports books nowadays. The purchasing can be done for 10 cents each. Purchasing a half-point is simple the beginners can make use of the converter (odds converter). Purchasing half points is one among the many ways the players can make use of while betting. Bettors can purchase half points for 10 cents each. Consider an example.

With Point spread: -6.5 -110 the players can purchase a single half-point and half points as follows.

  • Single half point – -6.0 -120.
  • Half points are -6.0 -120, -5.5 -130.

Consider another example that, if the point spread is, Point Spread – +4.5 -105, the half-points will be:

  • Half points are +5.0 -115, +5.5 -125.

Finding value for Half-Points

Let us consider a bookmaker Bettingqq101.com Malaysia Online Sports Betting Site, Live in Play Bets is providing a total of 8 half-points with each at 10 cents. So, this will be -110 with a probability percent of 52.38% and 62.52% probability percent for +8 -190. 13.14% is the difference between the two probability rates. The half-point value will be 1.64% in this case. On the other hand, if you use -110, the probability percent will be 52.38%. 54.55% probability percent will be for -120. The difference between both the probabilities will be 2.17%. So, 1.64% probability is much better than moving from -110 to -120.

The main fact behind this is that percentages determine the money lines. Consider another one example that, the win rate will get increased by 2.17% if the player moves from -110 to -120. Now, try to use an odd converter and calculate the probability percent for -120, it will be 54.55% and 56.52% implied probability for -130. The players here used the move up to 10 cents but when checking for the difference of implied probabilities it is 2.03% in this case but not the probability range of 2.17% win rate.

So, here arises a question that, what values will increase our win rate in betting?  – Consider, if we take two values +6.5 -120 / +7 -130, try to choose +7 -130 because 7 will increase the rate of winning the bet with a difference in implied probability of 2.03%. In short, if the money line odd we are going to purchase is big, then 10 cents for buying half points is worth. Now let us discuss how to earn money with this deal in detail below.

If we purchase 4 points for -190, the implied probability result will be 3.6%. Some bookmakers will allow players to purchase 8 half points for 80 cents while many others won’t encourage it. When purchasing 2 or 3 half-points, the smartest book makers will charge a premium plan from the players. Some bookmakers when going on from +2.5 – +3, +3 – +3.5, -3.5 to -3, and the last -3 to -2.5 will charge 25 to 30 cents to a maximum. Thus, as a conclusion understand the half point value in sports betting, a half-point value in sports betting is intrinsic in order to predict the win rate.

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