What is Mixed Parlay in Sports Betting?

A wager which is famous for bettors who enjoy a high risk betting. What is Mixed Parlay in Sports Betting? A mixed parlay is primarily composed of two of more types of sports, such as Football and Basketball. Parlays are thought of some bettors as a bad bet, and considered by many as a sucker bet. However, that doesn’t stop bettors from using this wagering strategy that you can use in Sportsqq288.com The biggest online sports betting site in Malaysia. But what is mixed parlay in sports betting and its other features? Let’s consider the types of mixed parlay bets first that you may encounter at an online sportsbook.

What is Mixed Parlay in Sports Betting?

The two-sports mixed parlay, which obviously from its name, is a combination of two types of sport. Some sites allow the combination of different kinds of sports, while others limits the choices. Like for example, if you are wagering on two different kinds of sports, such as Baseball and Hockey or two different levels of the same sports, like NBA and College Basketball.

This kind of mix parlay bet calls for high proficiency requirement for bettors in order to make a decision-wise wager. Also it is important to remember that since these are composed of two different sports. The bettor mush know both of the sports that he had chosen. As handicapping in different levels of sports is very hard because they vary.

Three Sport Mixed Parlay

If the first mentioned type of mixed parlay is difficult, what’s more when you add one, making it even tougher. There are going to be times that you will place a wager on NBA, NHL, and MLB all at the same time. You will need to triple your effort in handicapping together a three-sport mixed parlay. Things will become even more complicated when you start to mix events like Tennis, Golf, and Racing.

Special Mixed Parlays

This type of mix parlay is offered by some online sportsbooks. They typically choose from the events and what kind of picks you need to make. Most of the time the special mixed parlay offer large payouts. This is because special mixed parlay is impossible to win. Here is an example, a bookie will offer three choices of soccer matches, three different baseball games, and a tennis match. Bettors much wager on which will win on the soccer game, the winner of baseball game, the over or under on the same baseball game and the winner for the tennis match.

Stay away from special mixed parlay unless you have money to spend or feeling specially lucky today.

Payouts of Mix Parlay Bets

Mix parlay payouts quite vary from each other. If all of the wagers you have made on game is at -110, then you would typically receive the same odds you would for a regular parlay bet. However, you are likely to be wagering on different events which carry different odds. Means that each of their odds is calculated individually and the total payout that you will receive will be the combination of those payouts.

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